Gary Kaleda

The Frown Family Series: An AI Collaboration
Every Family has a STORY… welcome to ours. The Frowns are a family of unconventional characters who have strong identities. This series makes use of Playform’s generative Artificial Intelligence technology as a collaborative partner ( Starting from a simple “frowning” character sketch, AI generated multiple variations based on selected reference style parameters. The resulting images were the source of my inspiration and starting point of where I developed the individual character traits. A true example of human-AI synergy for the creative good.
BRUSHeeZ 3 NFT Series
Digital brush tip characters inspired by Photoshop’s brush panel. These individual brush “presets” have distinct fonts and personalities of their own. Create your own BRUSHeeZ 3 panel collection with these limited edition NFT artworks. More characters and collections to drop soon, so grab these before they’re gone. Available now on Rarible.
Candela Incantation Series
ALL is interconnected — simultaneously both cosmological and microscopic in scope, this series offers glimpses into a harmonious orchestra of existence that conjures infinite possibility.
Lightness Series
Illuminating the Soul — the last time my mother sent me a message was 12 months after she died. This experience served as the catalyst for a completely new series of abstract, digital paintings called the Lightness Series. Produced as large, silver halide prints, this series explores the experience of connecting with transcendent souls as seen through the digital filter through which we now experience the world. They offer a series of gateways to the human and eternal.
Featured Painting
Highlighted digital paintings from series and non-series collections.
Spirit Dancing Animation
Animated digital painting
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