The birth and evolution of the digital age had a powerful impact on my work as an artist. Anonymity, sensuality, alternate reality, sex, worship, and deification: these are some of the key themes that emerged through humanity’s relationship with the internet, and the themes that are explored through my figurative digital paintings today. 
As a formally trained artist, my paintings began with paint on canvas then evolved to a completely digital process typically output as a silver halide print face mounted to 1/4” plexiglas, backed by aluminum. The end result is neither a simulation of traditional painting, nor is it a preconceived notion of “digital art,” but something completely unique – a true digital painting. 
In 2010, I pioneered the use of QR codes within my work. These graphic codes, created to engage consumers through print ads, allow viewers to scan my paintings with their phones and get information about each work. Blurring the line between art and commodity, these codes not only reflect the digital iconography of our time, they also serve as my signature on every painting. 
As the digital world continues to advance, it also continues to shape humanity, our relationship to technology and our relationship to one another. My work is both an expression and a reflection of this. 

Gary Kaleda producing Dialog series, limited edition silver halide prints

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