Gary Kaleda

Born on the 4th of July to a secretary from Queens and a cash register mechanic from Brooklyn, Gary Kaleda grew to develop a visual language all his own. His natural artistic talents became apparent in high school, and with encouragement from an art teacher, his early work led to a scholarship to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. While there, Kaleda was able to experience art and the creation of art like never before. His work drew recognition and accolades from students and professors alike, and he graduated with honors. 
After college, Kaleda took a job compositing photographic proofs for a company that manufactured retouching stations. Surrounded by state-of-the-art computers and graphics hardware, he was immediately drawn to the technology. It was here that mixing the science of computers with the art of painting first entered his mind. Although he continued to paint traditionally, Kaleda soon purchased his first computer and began experimenting. 
The mid 90’s witnessed the exponential growth of the internet, offering Kaleda an alternate world to look at and even interact with. At this time, the relationship between humanity, technology and the internet became a primary focus in his work, although his digital work and paintings were still two separate elements. 
By 1997, Kaleda was working as a pre-press technician for an established New York printing firm. Within five years, he had taught himself PhotoShop, Illustrator and Painter, and expanded his skills into photo retouching and color correction for fashion catalogues. Every new skill became an additional tool for his paintings. His work evolved into mixed media, combining manipulated digital images printed on canvas with spray paint and solvents. 
During the next four years, the work shifted from mixed media back to all digital in an entirely new way resulting in a highly refined style that was completely his own. In 2010, Kaleda broke new ground by incorporating QR codes into his work, adding interactivity and multi-dimensionality to his paintings. He continues to live and work in Manhattan. 

Gary Kaleda producing Synapse, limited edition silver halide print

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